mom with daughter for dental benefits

Dental Benefits DO Benefit You

November 9, 2020

If your employer offers dental benefits, we have some advice: Use them! If you’re paying every month for dental benefits, then it’s important to take advantage of the services covered. These are the many benefits of having dental insurance:

Use It or Lose It

Your dental benefits expire each year, which is why you have to go through open enrollment annually. Benefits like cleanings and X-rays are all on the chopping block at the end of your plan year. Unlike some employer benefits, dental benefits don’t roll over into next year. Refer to your annual maximum to see where you land in utilizing your dental benefits.

Make a dental appointment today and get those pearly whites cleaned and examined. It’s good for your smile and your overall health! We’ll help find a Delta Dental dentist near you.

Preventive Care

Most plans cover most or all of your preventive services, which include cleanings and X-rays. Cleanings help prevent tooth decay by providing a deeper cleaning than a toothbrush. Your regular cleanings and exams are an important time for your dentist to check up on and fix any issues before they become worse.

Using your employer-provided dental benefits and receiving preventive care means less time at the dentist and more time doing what you love. Save that vacation time and take your healthy smile on a trip to the beach (or the mountains!).

The benefits of having dental insurance impact your health and your wallet. Your employer provides them. You pay for them. You should be using them!

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