Delta Dental Advantage Program

Features a large subset of our Delta Dental Premier network and includes a larger portion of participating dentists in New Jersey than our PPO network (6,100 New Jersey dentists/dental offices)

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The Advantage Program (available only in New Jersey) is specifically designed for New Jersey employers who are cost conscious, but also are concerned about access for their employees. It offers a large network of participating Advantage dentists in New Jersey, plus an additional safety net that provides access to Delta Dental Premier® dentists. Advantage members also have the freedom to visit non-network dentists (although their out-of-pocket costs may be higher).

  • Cost-effective program for New Jersey employers and employees
  • Large New Jersey-based network, plus access to nationwide Delta Dental Premier network
  • Flexibility to choose any licensed dentist

Network Access

  • Members have access to the statewide Advantage Program network of participating dentists, one of the largest in New Jersey.
  • Members will likely save by visiting a dentist who is part of our Advantage network. However, if a member sees a Delta Dental Premier dentist who does not participate in our Advantage network, the member receives benefits as if he or she has Delta Dental Premier coverage.


  • Great value for New Jersey employers and employees.The Advantage Program offers a large network of dentists in New Jersey. This is a cost-effective option for employers with New Jersey-based employees.

  • Member flexibility. Members gain access to two dental networks: the Advantage Program network and Delta Dental Premier. They may have the lowest out-of-pocket costs when they see dentists who participate in the Advantage Program network.

  • Employer flexibility. Benefit levels, including copayments, deductibles, maximums, and covered services can be customized. A full array of funding options (risk and self-funded) are available. Programs are available to groups as small as 51 employees.

  • Cost protection.Participating dentists have agreed not exceed a schedule of fees as payment in full, and cannot “balance bill” patients for any amounts above those fees.

(available for groups of 51+ employees)

Carryover MaxSM option rewards members for their commitment to oral health. Qualified members can bank part of their unused benefits from one year to the next, which means additional benefits available in future years!

Optional extra protection for those at risk of periodontal disease.
  • Oral Health Enhancement Option provides additional benefits for those managing periodontal disease for members who receive preventive care services.
  • Integrated Oral Health Option provides additional benefits for those managing certain health conditions for members who receive preventive care services.

Resources—including articles and videos—to help members to manage benefits and protect their oral health.