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2024 General Agent bonus program

We’ve made it easier to build your 2024 bonus by adding more ways to reach the top new sales and persistency bonus levels. Here’s what you need to know.

What's eligible for the new sales bonus:
All new sales from the table below with effective dates of January 1 through December 31 are eligible. Case count and, premium dollar amount are shown below:

Eligible new sales  Case count Premium dollars
Fully insured group commercial and public sector dental Each case Each dollar
Group personal voluntary dental Each case Each dollar
Individual and family dental plans submitted via a unique broker URL1 10 individual policies = 1 case Each dollar
 DeltaVision® group plans  N/A  Each dollar
Fully insured added premium ≥50% on existing group2 No case count Each added dollar

Calculating the new sales bonus
The new sales bonus is based on either:
  • The number of eligible new cases sold with the effective date within the calendar year (January 1 - December 31); or
  • The total amount of new premium effective within the calendar year (January 1 - December 31).
  • General Agent of Record at time of sale will receive New Case Credit and Premium towards bonus.

New sales bonus level New cases   New premium New sales bonus
Level 1 bonus 15 OR $500,000 1%
Level 2 bonus 25 OR $1,000,000 2%
Level 3 bonus 40 OR $1,500,000 3%
Level 4 bonus 60 OR $2,000,000 4%

What’s eligible for persistency bonus
  • Existing fully insured group commercial, public sector, personal voluntary dental plans, and vision plans.
  • Individual and family plan sales are used to determine sales bonus levels and are not included in persistency.
  • Groups that were active on January 1 and remained active on January 1 of the following year; and Premium remained active through January of the following year.

Persistency is calculated based on the amount of earned premium at the start of the year.
General Agent of Record for persistency is the General Agent at the end of the bonus period.
Calculating the persistency bonus
General Agents have two ways to qualify for the persistency bonus. Either:
  • Reach new sales bonus level 1, 2, 3, or 4 (includes individual and family policies) or
  • Retain at least $10,000,000 of annual earned premium to qualify for persistency bonus level 1.

Persistency bonus includes group business only. Individual/family plan premium is excluded.

New sales bonus level Persistency 92% - 93.9% Persistency 94% - 95.9% Persistency 96%+
Level 1 bonus .2% .5% 1%
Level 2 bonus .4% .9% 1.5%
Level 3 bonus .5% 1% 2%
Level 4 bonus .8% 1.5% 2.5%

A General Agent begins the year with $1,950,000 in annual group dental premium on the books, with $1,875,000 of that premium active as of January 1 of the following year. Over the course of the year, they sell the following:
  • Thirty-seven new fully insured commercial and public sector cases with a combined premium of $1,480,000.
  • A group voluntary dental plan with $15,000 in premium.
  • Thirty-six individual plans with $40,000 in combined premium.
  • DeltaVision plans with $10,000 in combined premium.

Their individual plan sales yields three cases (10 individual plan sales = one case), giving them 41 total eligible cases and $1,545,000 in total new premium. The individual plan sales push them into the level 3 new sales bonus of 3%, earning them a $46,350 new sales bonus.

Combining their level 3 new sales bonus with their 96.1% retention of the prior year’s annual premium (excluding Individual & Family premium), they qualify for the level 3 persistency bonus of 2%, earning them an additional $37,500, bringing their total bonus to $83,850.

Additional details
  • This program is for General Agents only. Agencies that operate as both a GA and broker are eligible only for this General Agent bonus program.
  • General Agent bonuses will be calculated after the close of the calendar year, which ends December 31.
  • After final accounting and bonus payment, the books are closed on our annual Broker Bonus program. Please review your report detail for accuracy as no changes will be made once checks are distributed.
  • Only Delta Dental PPO™ or Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™ type plans in New Jersey or Connecticut are eligible.
  • New Business bonus is only paid on inforce business. If a new case is terminated before the close of the bonus calculations, it is not eligible.
  • General Agent bonus payouts will be based on combined new sales and persistency across both New Jersey and Connecticut.
  • General Agents must be in good standing on December 31 to be eligible for payment of earned bonuses.
  • The total General Agent bonus payout (for new sales and persistency combined) is up to $200,000 per calendar year.
  • Delta Dental may terminate this program at any time. Our determination of coverage and bonus level is final.
  • Bonus payments are limited to a maximum of $200,000.

Thank you for your partnership with Delta Dental.
For more information about our plans and this program, contact your Delta Dental Sales Executive, or our sales department:; 800-624-2633.  

1General Agents appointed to sell our individual and family dental plans are assigned a unique URL. Learn more about getting appointed to sell Delta Dental individual plans. Once appointed, you’ll receive your URL to market these plans. General Agents are credited individual plan sales based on their unique URL, and not from sales made via a sub-producer’s unique URL.
2Fully insured premium dollars added to an existing group resulting in ≥50% increased premium counts toward the new sales bonus. Added premium is defined as a planned event — i.e., merger/acquisition, plan upgrade, etc. and not a result of ongoing course of business. Added premium is recognized on effective date of change.