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How the Tooth Fairy Encourages Children to Take Care of Their Teeth

January 11, 2022

The tooth fairy is an important part of growing up, and she allows you to teach your child about oral health in a fun and exciting way. The tooth fairy encourages children to take care of their teeth, but how do you go about introducing the tooth fairy to your child in a way that will ultimately benefit their oral health?

Here are some fun and creative ways that parents can introduce the tooth fairy to their children while teaching them good oral health habits.

Introducing the Tooth Fairy

First, let’s start with those teeth. Children have 20 baby teeth and typically start to lose them around the age of six, with most permanent teeth coming in by the age of 13. Even before the first tooth falls out, it’s key to encourage brushing and flossing as those baby teeth can affect your child’s oral health for years to come. When it’s time for those tiny pearly whites to start falling out, the tooth fairy can make her debut.

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

When your child loses their first tooth, the first thing you should do is congratulate them on the milestone. One way to do so while also encouraging good oral health is to give them a personalized letter from the tooth fairy. We have sample letters you can use to congratulate them while emphasizing the importance of keeping all their teeth healthy. If providing a letter isn’t enough, there is also a Certificate of Achievement that your child can hang on their wall to inspire them to keep maintaining a healthy dental routine.

Encouraging Good Oral Health

Proper oral health is really the focus here, so it’s important to remind your child that the tooth fairy doesn’t reward cavities. Let them know that brushing and flossing  is the way to get the tooth fairy to make an appearance. Additionally, work to limit sugary drinks and starchy foods because what a child eats and drinks plays a role in the formation of tooth decay and cavities. Now that your child has a customized tooth fairy swag, here are some other gifts for when the tooth fairy comes around.

Gifts from the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy usually gives out cash—at an average rate of $4.70 per tooth—but there are a few other fun gifts that can be used as well:

  • Fun toothbrushes
  • New or “tooth fairy” size travel toothpastes
  • Floss
  • Mini mouthwashes


These products will help your child maintain good oral health habits but to make it a bit more fun for them, here are some activities to go with them. These products and activities will get your child excited about losing their next tooth while teaching them about the importance of a consistent oral health care routine.

As you can see, the tooth fairy can play a significant role in teaching your child about oral health.

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