Different colored retainers

4 Ways to Avoid Lost Retainers

January 23, 2019

You’ve made the investment into your child’s smile and oral health by getting a retainer. But not even a week later, they’re coming home from school saying, “I lost my retainer!” Here are some ways to help your child keep this expensive appliance out of the trash.

Retainers can help solve various mouth and jaw issues, but are most commonly worn after braces are removed. Your child will need a custom-made retainer to hold their teeth in their new position. This step is just as critical in the orthodontic process as wearing braces, so losing a retainer and going without it can delay completing orthodontic treatment. Replacement retainers are costly and going without it can cause your child’s teeth to become crooked again.

4 Ways to Avoid Lost Retainers:

  1. Customize the retainer plastic with a bright color or your child’s favorite character or design. They’ll be more excited to keep up with a personalized appliance.
  2. Always keep the retainer near its case to avoid losing either one. Never rely on a napkin for storage, even for a quick snack.
  3. Add a name label to the case.
  4. Ask the lab to put your child’s name and your phone number in the plastic. This is often done for both retainers and dentures.

Make sure your child follows these tips and hopefully you’ll never hear, “I lost my retainer!” again.