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Invest in Employee Health by Offering Health Benefits

January 23, 2019

In the current job market, employers face fierce competition. Secure the best talent by offering full health and dental benefits. This attracts and retains employees, creating a happier, healthier and more productive workforce! Insurance needs in the workplace are evolving.  Today, dental benefits are highly valued. Employees expect to rely on employers for comprehensive health coverage. “Small business owners recognize that offering a comprehensive health and dental benefits package is a critical investment in their workforce that also provides a competitive advantage,” said Dennis Wilson, President and CEO of Delta Dental of New Jersey & Connecticut.

82 percent of consumers surveyed said dental benefits were “very important” in their decision to take a new job. 54 percent said dental benefits were a “must-have.” Employer-provided benefits make up about one-third, or 32 percent, of total employee compensation. It’s no longer about having an employer-sponsored benefits package, but about having a competitive one. So how can you offer a competitive benefits package?


The age of your workforce is an important factor in determining your employees’ dental needs.

  • Younger staff are more likely to have good oral health and only require maintenance.
  • Parents may value access to orthodontic care.
  • The more mature may desire coverage for restorative procedures.

Different plan models offer a range of monthly premiums and cost-sharing arrangements. Some plans can be voluntary for employees, and others allow employers to pay a smaller portion of the premiums. Click here to review available plans.


Promoting regular dental exams supports overall employee health and can help keep medical costs down. Visiting the dentist before problems occur allows them to detect a range of dental and medical conditions. That way, they can be addressed before they become more serious. Preventive care enables earlier detection and treatment resulting in a healthier workforce. Dental plans that emphasize preventive and diagnostic care offer dual benefits to both the employee and the employer.

Encouraging employees to maintain good oral health promotes a company culture of wellness. Avoid days lost to sickness and avert future escalating medical costs. Encourage your employees to put their healthiest foot forward. By investing in employee health and dental care, small businesses will reap the benefits as they set their workforce up for success. Check out our video on how Employee Wellness with Dental Care Pays Off.


So how do small businesses find the right dental benefits package to best suit their budget?

Our President and CEO says that “to find the most cost-effective solution, small businesses must first investigate a range of benefit models. Then, select a plan which is tailored to their budget and needs of their employees; focuses on preventive and diagnostic care; and offers access to the best network of high-quality providers.”


Find a plan with the best network of providers so employees can select in-network dentists. This will help to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. At Delta Dental, we have national access to the largest network of dentists.

 “Small businesses can compare different plan designs to identify what is most cost-effective and select the right employee cost-share ratio to encourage efficient utilization,” said Carin Hep, Delta Dental’s Small Group and Individual Programs Sales Director.

Carin adds that “at Delta Dental, we work with employers to evaluate the best plan designs based on evidence-based research and current benefit utilization trends, and focus on finding a solution that delivers value, quality and excellent service.”

Interested in knowing more? Contact us to find the perfect dental plan for your business.