photos hanging with dental floss

Home Hanging Hacks with Dental Floss

January 23, 2019

From cutting cake to sewing sweaters, there are some wacky ways to use floss out there (Over 101 of them to be exact). We’ve narrowed it down to 3 hanging hacks to help decorate your home!


Use unwaxed floss to tie to the back of a picture frame and hang it on your wall. It’s stronger than you think! Bonus: Contrary to wire, floss won’t chip paint or cause scratches on walls.


Place 2 nails in the wall, about 3 feet apart. Next, take a piece of floss and tie it loosely to both ends. Grab some clothespins and go to town! Hang your favorite polaroids or create a vintage look with old family photos.


With over a dozen festive holidays throughout the year, dental floss is crucial for DIY decorations. Use some dental floss to hang up ornaments, valentines—even popcorn.

Floss isn’t the only dental gadget you can use for DIY projects. Old toothbrushes can work wonders for cleaning, painting and beyond!