Happy Holidays! We are looking forward to a healthy, smile-filled 2024. 

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Healthy Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

January 23, 2019

Between all the cookies, candy canes and cocktails, healthy Christmas gifts are a welcome addition to the post-holiday season. Help your friends and family avoid a seasonal slump with these healthy Christmas gifts for all ages—perfect for a fit and festive holiday!



From kids to grandparents, there’s a fitness tracker for every age! Wearable fitness devices can count steps, heart rates—even bedtimes!


Water consumption is key to oral and overall health. Give the gift of H2O so your friends and family can stay hydrated.

  • Smart water bottleThis gadget tracks hydration levels with a sensor and smartphone app. If you need to chug more H2O, the bottle will glow, encouraging more hydration throughout the day.
  • Stylish Teapot: If the person you’re gifting to prefers tea, a stylish teapot is a great option. Green tea may help promote healthy teeth and gums from the abundance of antioxidants.


Items like toothbrushes and floss might seem boring, but innovative toothbrush subscription services can make your friends and family’s lives easier and their mouths healthier.

  • Smart ToothbrushSmart toothbrushes that have a virtual brain are getting more popular these days. Features like 30-second pulses to ensure you’re brushing for 2 minutes. Some include a toothbrush subscription service that replaces your toothbrush head every 3 months, the recommended amount of time.
  • FlossPick a traditional minty flavor or go for something more extreme, like cupcake-flavored floss or even bubblegum. There’s even floss for your fancy friends that prefer whitening or soothing properties.
  • Mistletoe Mouth: Give your significant other a minty mouth with items like gum (look for one that contains xylitol), lip balm, or sugar-free mints. Some brands even release limited-edition flavors specifically for the holidays.

Now you’re ready to enjoy a holiday stuffed with smiles and a healthy year ahead. Don’t forget to keep your spot on Santa’s nice list—take care of your teeth!