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Dental Benefits 102 - Guide to Dental Terminology

September 6, 2019

Feeling confident with the skills you earned in Dental Benefits 101? Sounds like you’re ready to move up a level. Insurance terms are not something we think of fondly. They can be confusing and even intimidating. “Health literacy” is your ability to understand basic health information from your dentist, physician, or other doctor. Dental coverage and insurance terms are a weight when it comes to health literacy. In fact, only 4% of Americans could identify basic insurance terms and definitions.

But that’s why we’re here with our Dental Benefits 100 series to help you connect the dots between what your coverage says and what that means for you!

Check out our handy health literacy infographic, Dental Benefits 102, to gain more information on terms like “deductible,” “annual maximum,” “copay,” and more…

Want to learn even more about dental benefits? Stay tuned for Insurance 103!