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Tongue Piercings & Effects on Oral Health

January 23, 2019

One way people show their personal style is with body piercings, but there is one type of piercing that is actually problematic for your oral health.

You probably guessed by now, we are referring to tongue piercing. Tongue piercing is popular among younger people but it really can be problematic.

Concerns and Dangers of Tongue Piercing

  • Because your tongue has lots of blood vessels and nerve tissue, if you hit the wrong area it can strike a nerve or hit an artery and cause heavy bleeding.
  • Most people who do the piercing don’t have medical training, and as a result, heavy bleeding can occur.
  • Regulations in the piercing business varies state to state, and some states have no regulations.
  • New Jersey and CT both have regulations, but be sure to check the body piercing regulations in your home state.
  • No regulations means there is no licensing board, and therefore no standards required by the piercing shops.
  • When no health codes are enforced, instruments may not be clean and sterilized, which can lead to infection.
  • Hepatitis has been known to be contracted from visits to piercing parlors, along with many other communicable diseases.

Tongue Piercing Complications

  • Chipping a tooth is a common risk which happens when a barbell or metal object knocks against your teeth.
  • If you also have a lip piercing, the barbell can strip away the tissue and even expose the roots of the tooth
  • Tongue piercing affects your taste buds. When the metal interacts in the mouth, foods may not taste as good as they used to.
  • Allergic reactions and infections1 your tongue may become inflamed to the point of blocking the airway. Seek immediate medical attention if this ever happens.

Due to all of these risks and dangers, you are best off to skip the tongue piercing, and show your personal sense of style in another way that won’t jeopardize your oral or overall health!

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