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How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

January 23, 2019


If you find it a struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth regularly, you are not alone! You've probably heard this from your children's dentist during routine exams: The goal is to get your kids to brush twice a day for 2 minutes each brushing. Let's face it, almost anyone with kids can confirm, this goal can be quite challenging to achieve. After all, brushing your teeth is not nearly as much fun as watching TV or playing a video game!

The following are some tips to try out at home to help get your kid excited about brushing, plus some tips to determine if they are brushing properly.

  • Get a fun toothbrush (favorite color or movie character) or even an inexpensive electric model for kids
  • Trade places – let your child brush your teeth first, then witch and you brush theirs! This is a fun way to model proper brushing technique.
  • Watch a favorite video while brushing – and you brush their teeth while they are engaged with what's on the screen.
  • Use a timer set for 2 minutes. Get the child involved by letting them set it or turn it over if you're using an hourglass timer.
  • Download the Delta Dental App and use the handy 2 minute timer provided.
  • Take before and after photos to show them how great their teeth look after a proper brushing.
  • Make a brushing chart and offer a small incentive after a solid 2 weeks or 1 month of proper brushing. These can be inexpensive, and healthy incentives such as a date with mommy or daddy to their favorite park, or a trip to the dollar store and $5 to spend however they choose.
  • Use only a pea size amount of toothpaste—the amount of fluoride in most toothpastes is adult strength.
  • After brushing, wipe the child's teeth with a washcloth or gauze.
  • If you see saliva— this is a good sign
  • If you see yellow, they didn't brush enough. Time for another 2 minute round of brushing.
  • If you notice any bleeding by the gum line, this can be a sign of possible gingivitis, and a good reason to visit the dentist for a checkup.

For further information, visit us at and for additional tips and information, check out our oral health and wellness site, Dental Central.

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