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Dentists Can Identify Up to 120 Diseases in Your Mouth

January 23, 2019


Since most people see their dentist more often than other medical professionals, your dentist may actually be the one to detect signs of disease in your body. This does not mean only gum disease. Did you know that dentists are able to detect the early warning signs of up to 120 different diseases from examining your mouth. Kidney Disease, Anemia, and Diabetes are just a few of the more common diseases that are often detected by a dentist, even before other symptoms show up in the body.

The following are common symptoms often detected by a dentist that are linked to more serious health conditions:


  • Bright red tongue and inflammation
  • Dry mouth


Kidney Disease

  • Tongue Ulcers
  • Metallic taste


  • Unexplained sores
  • Oral yeast infection
  • White patches on the sides of the tongue

Oral Cancer

  • White and red patches
  • Ulcers that don't heal


Needless to say, early detection of any of these diseases is important for treatment and recovery.

For example, oral cancer survival rates are 50%, but when detected early, survival rates jump up 80%.

Make your dentist a regular part of your health care team. Dentists Recommend:

  • Brush twice daily the proper way, using a fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss properly at least once daily
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Avoid all tobacco use
  • Avoid heavy alcohol consumption
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Request an annual oral cancer screening

Remember, good oral health leads to good overall health! For further information, visit us at www.deltadentalnj.com. For additional tips and information, check out Delta Central, our oral health and wellness site.


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