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How Yoga Benefits Oral Health

November 28, 2018

Seattle is the fourth biggest yoga town in the US! We have 343+ registered yoga instructors. Even our beloved Seahawks make it part of their training routine.

Perhaps that’s because yoga offers many perks—from increasing flexibility to building strength and reducing strength. But, did you know yoga also benefits oral health?

Here’s how yoga benefits oral health:

Yoga reduces inflammation which may reduce your risk for gum disease. It works like this:  high stress levels lead to increased cortisol (the stress hormone) production which can worsen swelling in your gums. Gum swelling can increase your risk for gum disease. Yoga is proven to reduce stress levels, leading to lower inflammatory responses like swelling.

Yoga reduces jaw pain by promoting better posture. Slouching causes our heads to fall forward and out of alignment with our spine. This misalignment can affect your bite and lead to discomfort in your jaw. Chronic jaw pain is linked to temporomandibular disorder, or TMD. TMD impacts your ability to eat, talk and sleep. Yoga poses help get your body back into proper alignment.

Yoga stimulates saliva which naturally washes away harmful mouth bacteria. Certain types of yoga, like vinyasa yoga, incorporate special breathing techniques which can stimulate saliva production. Saliva is important. Not only does it wash away harmful bacteria, but it also helps fight bad breath.

It’s no wonder yogis have been promoting the benefits of yoga for centuries. It truly is good for your overall health, smile included.

If you’re having specific oral health problems, talk to your dentist. They’ll help put you on the path to your healthiest smile.

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