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Health Care Reform -
Dental Coverage & Individual Plans

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FAQs About Health Care Reform

What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?
The Health Insurance Marketplace was established to enable qualified employers and qualified individuals to shop for private health plans. Each state can choose to create and run its own State-Based Marketplace (SBM), partner with the federal government to run some Marketplace functions (State Partnership Marketplaces, SPM), or have a Marketplace that is operated by the federal government (Federally-Facilitated Marketplace, FFM). Insurance plans in the Marketplace are offered by private companies, and they offer the same core set of essential health benefits. Depending on the state, pediatric dental may be embedded within the health plan, offered separately by a stand-alone dental plan, or may have both options. Individuals and businesses with less than 50 employees can get information about the Marketplace by going to, or calling the Health Insurance Marketplace Call Center at 800-318-2596.

Can I get dental coverage in the Marketplace?
In the Health Insurance Marketplace, you generally can get dental coverage as part of a health plan or by itself through a separate, stand-alone dental plan.

Adult and child dental insurance in the Marketplace
Under the health care law, dental insurance is treated differently for adults and children 18 and under.
Dental coverage for children is an essential health benefit. This means it must be available to you either as part of a health plan or as a free-standing plan. This is not the case for adults. Insurers don’t have to offer adult dental coverage.

Dental coverage is available two ways: