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Educational Resources for Parents & Teachers

Good Oral Health Habits Help Prevent School Absences
According to a new Delta Dental survey, more than 30% of parents said their children between the ages of six and 12 had to miss school due to an oral health problem. Defend your family from oral health problems by making brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet part of your children's daily routine. For more info, visit our blog.


Creative and Colorful Worksheets
We sponsor a creative page in Think Newspapers, where colorful imagery and fun content go hand-in-hand to teach children about oral health. Click on the links below for the latest handouts.

Science Experiments
Oral health education takes a fun new twist with science experiments! Conduct them at home with your children or in the classroom with your students.

Interactive Games Make Learning Fun!
Children can fight against the forces of tooth decay by playing Dental Defenders and many more oral health games on our games page!

Give Your Kids a Tooth Fairy Certificate!

Here's a fun way to instill a positive attitude when a child loses a tooth - give them a tooth fairy certificate! 



Fun Oral Health Worksheets for Children


Children’s Oral Health Books
- Teddy Visits the Dentist describes a trip to the dental office for a routine dental checkup and cleaning.

- Ready, Set, Brush is a colorful pop-up book that shows kids how easy it is to care for their teeth.

- The Invasion of The Cavity Creatures takes place deep in the mythical land of Molar Mountains, where the inhabitants' goal is to keep dreaded Cavity Creatures away from the mountains.


Educational Handouts to Promote the Importance of Oral Health  

* Tooth brushing flyer

* Flossing flyer

* Nutrition flyer

* Gum chewing flyer

Our Commitment to Educators
Our mission is to promote oral health to the greatest number of people by providing accessible dental benefit programs of the highest quality, service, and value. Read our Commitment to Educators

Access the Online Glossary
To help children better understand dental terminology, guide them to our online glossary for definitions.


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