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Coloring Pages

Gather your crayons, then click on any of the images below (including this image) to print out a coloring page. Have fun coloring a dentist and his patient, the tooth fairy, and other fun dental health images!



Milk Matters coloring book
is a super-fun way for children ages 4 to 8 to learn about the importance of calcium for building strong teeth and a healthy body. Click on the image to print it out now! 

Invasion of the Cavity Creatures

Deep in the Molar Mountains in a mythical land called Tongue Town, Brushers brush, Flossers floss, and Pickers pick to keep dreaded Cavity Creatures away from their beloved mountains. Click on an image below to color story snippets from Kate Parkhurst's children's picture book, Invasion of the Cavity Creatures!

Bubble Gum Toothpaste River

Cavity Creatures!

Molar Mountain

Toothpaste Avenger


The Dentist with His Patient
My Dentist Loves Me!
I Visited the Dentist Today!  
How to Clean your Teeth  
Brush 'em Floss 'em 
I Had an X-Ray! 
The Tooth Fairy
Draw Yourself with a Big Smile

Print out a coloring page that matches the month!

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