June 2016

It May Be Time for a PHI Checkup
Are the right people in your office authorized to receive PHI (protected health information)? Delta Dental of New Jersey shares PHI only with those having signed authorization to do so. Employers must identify those in their organizations who are authorized to receive PHI from Delta Dental of New Jersey. (Insured clients can download authorization forms here; self-funded clients can download authorization forms here.)

It’s also a good idea each year to review the list of those in your organization who have access to PHI to make sure it’s up to date. To request a current list of your PHI contacts, please contact our Marketing Department at 800-624-2633; marketing@deltadentalnj.com.


LilfeSmile℠ Oral Health & Wellness Toolkit Now Available
Whether you have a wellness program in place or not, Delta Dental’s new LifeSmile program can benefit your company and its employees.

LifeSmile is an oral health toolkit designed for employers of all sizes and business types. Your company can easily integrate LifeSmile resources into your existing wellness program.  You can also use materials in stand-alone oral health messages.

The LifeSmile toolkit includes postcards, email blasts, rack cards and flyers, posters, web banners, newsletter articles, social media posts, and more. All materials are available for free electronic download. Printed versions are also available. Delta Dental of New Jersey can help you create programs and customize LifeSmile materials, too.

A healthy mouth contributes to good overall health. LifeSmile makes it easy to reinforce that message. For more information, contact your broker or Delta Dental’s Marketing Department at 800-624-2633.


Why More Patients (and Employers) Choose PPO
When your company is looking at dental benefit options for your workplace, be sure to consider Delta Dental PPO℠. Here’s why:

  • Financial advantages for employers and members alike. Delta Dental PPO benefits include lower, agreed-upon rates for services, no balanced billing, and a reduced fee schedule.
  • Program convenience. Claim payments are sent directly to the dentist’s office, saving members from having to pay for services upfront.
  • Large dental network. With more than 103,000 dentists in more than 270,000 locations across the U.S., finding a participating Delta Dental PPO dentist is easy.

More than 48 million Americans are already covered by a Delta Dental PPO plan. Ask your broker about how Delta Dental PPO can benefit your company, or call our Marketing Department at 800-624-2633.


Dive Into Grin! This Summer
Do your employees know about Delta Dental’s free online magazine for members? Grin! does more than entertain. It keeps members and their families engaged in protecting their oral health. This season’s issue spotlights the summer Olympics—and the importance of mouthguards for world class and amateur athletes alike. Its “toothsome” travel tips include guidance on accessing dental benefits on the go. It also features advice for “smile-friendly” concession treats, whether you’re at a ball game or state fair. Be sure your employees know they can access the latest issue of Grin!at ddnj.grinmag.com.







Oral Health Tip
Wisdom teeth typically arrive between ages 17 and 21—and they can be troublemakers. 85% of people need to get them extracted. Parents of teen-age and young adult children may want to schedule a dentist appointment during the summer break to monitor the teeth’s progress. Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. For those that do, the best time to remove wisdom teeth is before they start causing discomfort.

Eligibility Submissions Help
For online eligibility submissions help, please call 800-452-9310 or review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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