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Participation Information

Now more than ever, you must understand the extensive contracting arrangements and participation agreements that may be offered to you by dental benefit carriers. Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask before joining any network is key to a successful relationship.

Quality of the Dental Plan Carrier
A review of key areas will help you to avoid potential problems such as unexpected insolvency of the plan and gauge the probability of success. The following points should assist you in evaluating a dental network:

Reviewing the Contract
Participation agreements are contracts which govern the relationship between you and the carrier. While some aspects of any agreement are determined by state and local regulation, contracts can vary greatly depending on the plan design used by the carrier. The following points are what you should look for when reviewing a contract:

Contracting with Delta Dental
Delta Dental’s Professional Relations staff can provide you with information about Delta Dental’s history and experience in dental benefits, detail provisions of the participation agreement, and review claim submission policy and procedures for you and your staff. If you have any questions about participation, please e-mail us at Or contact our Professional Relations Department at 888-396-6641.

If you are interested in having a dental network coordinator visit your office to answer any questions you might have about participation and Delta Dental's programs, please call 888-396-6641.