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Our dentists take passion for patient education to the next level with our Dental Connections videos.

Recent Videos

Wisdom Teeth
5 Dental Myths
Enamel Erosion
Tooth Grinding
Which Toothbrush to Choose?

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Healthy Eating Habits   Oral Health Statistics  
Dental Benefits Help Save Money   Tips on Children's Teeth  
Tips on Dental Emergencies   How to Brush Your Teeth  
Dentists can Identify 120 Diseases   How to Floss  
The Connection Between Gum Disease and Diabetes   Early Detection of Oral Cancer  
Protect Yourself Against Heart Disease   How to Know if Your Child Needs Braces  
Time to Quit Smoking   Your Child's First Visit  
What You Need to Know About Fluoride   Oral Health Risks Of Passing Bacteria  
Eat Right for Healthy Teeth   Afraid of Going to the Dentist?  
What to Do When You Have Dry Mouth   What You Need to Know About Plaque  
Employee Wellness with Dental Care   Pregnancy and Oral Health Tips for Moms to Be  
Thumb Sucking, Pacifiers And Oral Health   Prevent Abuse and Neglect Through Dental Awareness  
Bad Breath   Taking Care of Your Braces  
Tongue Piercing   Obesity and Oral Health  
Improve Employee Productivity   Saliva: Why It's Important  
All You Need to Know About Gum Disease   Eating Disorders  
The Importance of Baby Teeth   When to Start Using Toothpaste  
What You Need to Know About Dental Anatomy   Which Toothbrush to Choose?  
Tooth Grinding   Enamel Erosion  
Dental Myths   Wisdom Teeth  

Public Service Announcements

Children's Dental Health   Stress and Oral Health  
Oral Cancer Children's Oral Health  
Senior Dental Health    

Community Videos

Give Kids a Smile Community Outreach 2012  
About Delta Dental   Community Benefits  

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