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Oral Health Video Library


Our dentists take passion for patient education to the next level through our Dental Connections videos.



Recent Videos

Oral Health and Overall Health   Smile Power  
Enhance Your Employee Wellness Program  

Defending Against Diabetes

Detecting Oral Cancer   Understanding Your Dental Benefits  


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Public Service Announcements

Children's Dental Health   Stress and Oral Health  
Oral Cancer Senior Dental Health  

Community Outreach Videos

Community Outreach 2014 Making a Difference  
Give Kids a Smile   Community Benefits  

Individual Dental Plans

Delta Dental offers everything you'd expect in an individual dental plan from a leader in dental benefits. To learn more, click here.

Take Care of Small Dental Problems Today   Dental Options after Retirement  
Affordable Coverage for Individuals   No matter where you go, Delta Dental has you covered  


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